Meet the team

BeHive Consulting is among the first Behavioural Science consultancies in the CEE region with the mission to deliver Behavioural Science solutions to businesses and organizations globally.

Rachel Altmann

Rachel Altmann

Co-founder, CEO

MSc Behavioural Science, London School of Economics

Noemi Molnar

Noemi Molnar

Chief Behavioural Scientist

MSc Behavioural Economics, City University of London

MSc Neuroscience, King's College London

Laura Koroknai

Laura Koroknai

Chief Behavioural Designer

MSc Behaviour Change, University College London

MA Psychology, University of Aberdeen

Anna Nyvelt

Anna Nyvelt


MSc Human Decision Science, University of Maastricht

Alexander Moog

Alexander Moog

Behavioural Science Consultant

MSc Behaviour Change, University College London

Botond Varga

Botond Varga

Behavioural Data Scientist

MSc Artifical Intelligence, University of Amsterdam

Chris Lipcsei

Chris Lipcsei ADVISOR

Strategic advisor

Ex-McKinsey, Stanford MBA

Lucía Macchia PhD

Lucía Macchia PhD ADVISOR

ACADEMIC advisor

PhD Behavioural Economics

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Health Economics, University of Oxford and Harvard Kennedy School

What we believe in:
Our core values

All of these values make us a human-centric and customer-focused organisation.


Behavioural-Science backed

We put science at the forefront, always backing our research with secondary and primary evidence through a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods.



We are driven by working in a multidisciplinary environment where our different perspectives come together.



We have a growth mindset which proactively drives our business development goals.



We are ready to adapt to rapidly changing needs and challenges, while always delivering high-quality outputs.



We focus on the solution instead of fixating on the problem, this drives our everyday decision making.


We are part of Diversifi Global, the world's largest applied Behavioural Science network, represented by 18+ behavioural science organisations globally and 250+ behavioural scientists. Alongside great minds from all over the world, we are part of the move towards a better world through the application of Behavioural Science across a variety of fields.

We are accredited by the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists (GAABS), which was established in collaboration with the world’s most renowned researchers, institutions, and practitioners to maintain the highest quality and ethical standards of applied Behavioural Science. By being part of this association, BeHive commits to delivering principled and theoretically-grounded solutions to our clients, ensuring the highest standards of our services.

You can also find us on InsideBE, one of the largest Behavioural Economics and Consumer Psychology hubs for marketers, sales people, and business professionals alike. It is a well of resources, ranging from case studies, online courses, and how-to guides created by the world’s top experts.

Why join BeHive

Opportunity to play an active role in shaping the Behavioural Science scene in Europe

Learn and contribute to solving real-world Behavioural Science rooted challenges

Possibility to be part of a dynamic, growing, and close-knit team and actively carve BeHive’s path

Make a significant impact by designing cutting edge Behavioural Science interventions

Freedom and support in reaching personal development goals

Creative place and platform for self-realisation through thought partnership with a vibrant team of international and multidisciplinary experts

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Senior Consultant


About us
BeHive Consulting is a Behavioural Science consultancy founded in Budapest, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge behavioural insights to organisations globally. We are a multidisciplinary and international team of Behavioural Science experts, who have gained their extensive knowledge at top academic institutions, marrying expertise and experience from research and consulting. Our holistic approach to problem solving, combining academic rigour with an applied perspective and behaviourally informed design leads organisations to more predictable, competitive and human-centred outcomes.

Behavioural Science
Project management

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