Support transformative growth

How can we apply behavioural insights to achieve transformational growth?


We bring a fresh perspective to your existing challenges, and in the midst of constant change support you in putting humans at the forefront of your everyday operations.

We advise companies on incorporating innovative behavioural interventions in order to internalise human-centricity and gain a unique edge. Our research backed approach, personalised and data-driven solutions allow us to design products, services, systems and experiences that serve human needs and allow for optimal functioning.

Why does our approach work?


BeHive recognizes that people’s decisions are governed by perceptions, cognitive biases and heuristics, emotional tendencies, and social preferences – all of which are strong determinants of behaviour change. With the unique toolkit and expertise of Behavioural Science, we can systematically change decision making, providing an effective way to actualize business goals.

We take a human-centric approach that goes to the root of the problem, providing you with concrete solutions that are characterised by their distinctiveness, high-impact and cost-efficiency.

Our consulting offerings range from complex solutions to more specific needs, covering strategic and design consultation in addition to behavioural expertise.

We can help your business flourish

We make your product better.

We improve experiences.

We make processes fluent and frictionless.

We ignite change.

And, we personalise.

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