Generate behavioural insights

What are the underlying cause-effect relations driving humans and organisations to behave in a certain way?

Our approach

We conduct primary and secondary research, combining quantitative and qualitative research methods – tailoring our approach to the challenge in question and your specific needs.

Utilising our science-backed toolkit of frameworks and models, we combine established practices with innovation and personalisation.


Our process

During our hypothesis-driven research process we will map out drivers and deterrents, as well as barriers and opportunities for specific challenges.

Practising a human centric approach, we thrive to understand those who are experiencing the problem through their needs, wants, motivations, and by doing so building up to a systematic understanding of complex problems.


Our methods

Our research portfolio contains, but is not limited to the following offerings:

Qualitative methods:

Understand both the conscious and unconscious influences of decision making.

Identify behavioural patterns and common themes within your target groups.

Visualise and evaluate the end-to-end process your users go through to uncover opportunities (e.g. habit forming techniques) and behavioural barriers (e.g. friction points).

Conduct an expert overview of previously done research to identify key behavioural determinants and lay the foundation of primary data collection.

Perform a market analysis from a behavioural viewpoint, identifying key differentiators and unique selling points to gain a competitive advantage.

Administer psychometric tests to assess abilities, traits, skills and knowledge of your target group in selected domains.

Quantitative methods:

Recreate the choice environment to uncover implicit and explicit preferences of the decision-makers from the actual choice they make.

Determine optimal price point for your offering and the range of acceptable prices.

Identify strategic features for customer satisfaction in order to inform feature prioritisation.

Analyse existing datasets to recognize behavioural patterns and generate novel insights.

Measure implicit cognitions and detect unconscious, implicit associations, gaining insights into what drives customers decisions towards your brand, service, or product.

Understand what attracts and drives your customers’ attention real-time, from biometric data.

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