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How can we create in-house, scalable Behavioural Science know-how? Stand out – make Behavioural Science a part of your corporate DNA!

Capability building

Our knowledge and capability building sessions are a great way to start your Behavioural Science journey.


We take great pride in empowering our clients with behavioural insights tailored to their needs through our interactive learning sessions, so they can go on to integrate the acquired Behavioural Science toolkit in their day-to-day work. We aim to merge theory and practice, to not only facilitate learning and increase understanding, but to also ensure the successful application of behavioural insights to real-world challenges.

Through our tailor-made workshops designed specifically to meet partner needs, we collate the latest advances in Behavioural Science to help organisations and teams understand, predict, and ultimately influence customer behaviour.

After these sessions your team can walk away equipped with state-of-the art Behavioural Science knowledge that we translate to easily understandable, practical, and digestible learning sessions.

Take a look at our training portfolio:

Language: English and Hungarian

Delivery: In-person and online

Duration: Flexible


Behavioural Science foundation trainings

  • Behavioural Science 101
  • Behavioural Science frameworks and research techniques
  • Introduction to intervention design
  • The imperfect human: perception and choice


Behavioural Science profession-based trainings

  • Behavioural Science for HR professionals
  • Behavioural Finance for finance professionals
  • Neuromarketing for marketing professionals
  • Behavioural Science for startups and entrepreneurs


Behavioural Science topic-based trainings

  • Unconscious biases, stereotypes and inclusion in the workplace
  • Trust building and impression management
  • Shaping perceived value and brand identity
  • Framing and communication techniques

Contact us for personalisation options and industry-, team-, and challenge-specific requests.


Laura Koroknai

Chief Behavioural Designer

Contact Laura for a personal session to find out which training to start with.

Capability building at scale

Our knowledge and capability building sessions are a great way to start your Behavioural Science journey.

We can help you make your organisation more human-centric, training the leadership and employees about the role and use of Behavioural Science in operation to live and breathe Behavioural Science.

Please contact us to set up a discussion where we explore your organisational needs and challenges.

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